Leroy Jenkins Ltd. is design created to reposition the concept of men’s and women’s street fashion (style). The brand is the rebellious brain baby of artists (designers) Ron Upperman and Upendo Taylor, seeing life in 2005. The outfit is the direct result of the duo not seeing the garments at a retail level that they wanted to don throughout cities they visited.

The brand’s first pieces were received in a frenzy causing heads to crash boutiques for their limited wearable art pieces – the polka dot lined, floral print hoodies and hats. Their aesthetic has influenced both low end and high end menswear and can be witnessed to this day.

It’s not that we only want the masses look and feel good in our garments. We aim to inspire thought and action with the socially driven graphics and messages that are infused through our creations. Our limited edition pieces can be purchased at select retailers such as Burn Rubber (Detroit, USA), Bodega (Boston, USA) and Black Rainbow (Paris, France).